Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homemade dish detergent

In my research for homemade laundry detergent recipes I ran across one for homemade dish detergent that I thought I'd try. I think it is actually for the dishwasher but I wanted to try it in the sink too.

The recipe I found calls for a cup each of borax and washing soda mixed together. You use only about a tablespoon per load of dishes.

I got a container about the size of a large yogurt container and just put in equal parts of borax and baking soda, and scooped out about a tablespoon and added it to my running hot water. I put the dishes in and I kid you not, I could see them getting clean. I had some tough stuff in there as we had spaghetti the night before and all we did was just rinse the food off of the dishes and stack them up.

The dishes came out very clean and fresh with minimal work from me. I'm delighted! This concoction is definitely being added to my existing arsenal of cleaning products (baking soda and vinegar mostly with a couple of eco-friendly products I purchased.)

As soon as I run out of the dishwashing detergent I'm using now (it's eco-friendly) I'll be using my homemade version.

I chalk my entry into the world of homemade cleaners up as a shining success. They work, they are environmentally-friendly, they are very easy to make, and they're cheap!


Laura said...

Again I am impressed. And glad to hear these homemade cleaners work so amazingly well!

Jenni Saake said...

What a great site. I'll be bookmarking this one. Thanks for the tips. :)

Thanks also for visiting my HarvestingHope page and sharing about your neice.

Marti said...

I noticed in your article about homemade dish detergent, one paragraph listed washing soda and borax but in the next one it had baking soda mixed with borax. Was this a slip up or did I miss something in the overall list of ingredients. I too like saving money and using eco friendly products. I use washing soda and borax for laundry too and having sensitive skin have not had any problems. Love reading your stuff and will continue to visit it. thank you