Friday, December 26, 2008

Unpaper towels

Here's another money-saving idea that is more along the lines of eco-friendly, but I love how thrifty is usually green! It's "unpaper" towels, thin pieces of cloth that you would use in place of paper towels.

When I first heard of "unpaper" towels I was confused, wondering why just regular kitchen towels wouldn't work in most cases. Then it was pointed out to me that they take up way less space in the kitchen and can be used like a paper towel or a kitchen towel. That made perfect sense and I had to try it. Take a look at my stash of FOUR DOZEN here! Just two little stacks, that's it.

To make these you can use any kind of absorbent fabric, with 100 percent cotton being the best. I had some old sweat outfits that I cut up for these. They have more polyester content that what you would want for this, but they are gradually getting more absorbent as I wash them in hot water and without fabric softener. I like sweatshirts since they don't need to be sewn. I did make two with two layers of t-shirt that I sewed together. Those are much nicer since they are 100 percent cotton but of course the sewing takes extra time. As time permits I would like to make some more.

I use them for drying my hands, mopping up spills, wiping down counters, pretty much anything I'm doing in the kitchen. After use I just throw them in the washer with the towels. Very easy to use, so eco-friendly and so economical!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter footies

Here is something that probably falls more in the "crafty" category, but I did save money with it since I didn't have to buy any ... footies!

I made my son this pair of footies in probably about an hour this evening. I used some yarn I got from my mom and single crotched it. I'm going to make him another pair just like it so he'll have four shoes to wear.

We made these all the time for ourselves and each other. You just knit or crochet a square and then sew it up with a crochet hook. Simple, cheap, and so warm and cozy!