Saturday, November 15, 2008

Plushy Penguin Prefolds

The Plushy Penguin Prefolds that live with us now. They were pillowcases and a couple of t-shirts yesterday.

We have a new family of six Plushy Penguin Prefolds that have come to live with us!

They cost $1.50 (actually less) plus an hour of my time to make.

The kids and I went yard saling yesterday afternoon and for 50 cents each I got two king size super plushy penguin pillowcases! I got two diapers each out of the pillowcases for a total of four penguin PFs made with that style. The fabric is so plushy that I just used the two layers already there without sewing anything in the middle.

With the scraps and a couple of t-shirts for 25 cents each, I made two embellished penguin PFs.

Now we have a set of six beautiful and super soft and plushy penguin PFs!

(I promise I'm just about finished talking about sewing diapers if my two or three readers are terribly tired of hearing about them!)


Laura said...

Pretty cute. The boy should have enough cloth diapers to last him from now until he's potty trained! Ha ha! And yes I am looking for more frugal suggestions & ideas on here! Ha ha!

Melissa said...

I LOVE these prefolds!!! they are super cute! you have inspired me to try to make some prefolds!! :)