Sunday, November 9, 2008

Girly diapers!

The yummy soft and squishy diaper set I made to trade with another cloth diapering mama who sews her own diapers from recycled materials!

Finally I got to make some girly diapers! I'm doing a trade with a mama from and I made up this set of four soft and squishy diapers for her. They are so little, 10x12, for her baby-to-be, much smaller than the big 13x16s I've been making for my son.

They are made from some flannel and old t-shirts my mom gave me.

For my end of the trade, I'm getting two Mickey Mouse prefolds made from an old bed sheet and two blue and brown flannel diapers made with a single strip of fabric each with the 10-minute prefold pattern! I'm so excited, and I'm so glad to trade with her. She and I have similar diapering philosophies -- it's supposed to be simple and cheap. Like myself, she has made her entire stash with recycled materials.

When I get my new diapers I'll show off her work.


Laura said...

Very cute!

Vix said...

Shame on you for not posting these on the B2B thread on DS.. :p They are wonderful! I wish I could sew.. :)

(You could totally make a WAHM thing out of upcycled Tshirt PF like this and the post before it.)