Friday, October 24, 2008

So cute!

Some of the pocket diapers I've made.

The pocket diapers I've made using the Rita's Rump Pockets pattern are just so stinkin' cute! I made a baker's dozen with these fabrics, mostly plaid since that seems to be the pattern of men's flannel shirts! The green plaid on the bottom left was a sheet, and the off-white gender-neutral fabric on the top left was a sheet. I used the off-white fabric inside all the plaid diapers except the green one.

Now I need some more shirts and sheets to make some more. Not only are they cute, they are easy to sew, easy to use, and they work great!


Laura said...

Yep these are pretty cute!

Tammie Spencer said...

Those are too Cute I am picturing him running around your house in them and he makes them even cuter LOL good job Michelle

Mommy Scott said...

adorable! I look forward to reading your blog now!! (mommyscott from DS)