Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My diaper stash is finished!

Our diaper stash! Inserts (clockwise from top left), flats, prefolds to use as inserts, pocket diapers, and prefolds!

We now have a complete diaper stash, and almost all of it I made!

We have a dozen prefolds made from flannel shirts and sheets and old t-shirts.

We have a dozen pocket diapers made from two flannel sheets and a couple of flannel shirts.

We have two dozen inserts/doublers, made from flannel and t-shirts.

We have a dozen and a half flannel flats. Half of them I made from flannel and the other half are flannel baby blankets.

To round things out we have eight or so cheap prefolds that I use for inserts/doublers.

We also have a few other assorted things like fitted diapers, covers, and all-in-one diapers that I bought from a few mamas on DiaperSwappers.com.

I am going to make a few fleece covers for when it gets colder but I'm not worried about that right now.

I'm proud of our stash and glad I started doing this. We will be saving money by cloth diapering and we have saved even more with me making everything from recycled materials. It's also nice to know that I've made something practical for the baby.

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Laura said...

Wow what a nice stash. Looks like you really did a good job.