Monday, October 6, 2008

Recent Goodwill and yard sale finds

My $14 Goodwill/yard sale haul from last week

A few days ago I hit Goodwill and a yard sale in search of mainly things for my diaper-sewing project I last posted about. For around $14 I got all the stuff in this photo plus a few more things:

Flannel sheet, $3

Four large men's T-shirts in very gently used condition, 50 cents each, $2 total

Dress for my daughter, $3

Baggie of sewing essentials like thread, needles, elastics, thimble, etc., $2

Yarn, crochet hook, and a beautiful strip of a crochet something that my daughter loves as a stole, $2

Bible with tabs for all the books, $1

Brand new (of course) Estee Lauder lip gloss and matching (somehow) Avon nail polish, 50 cents each, $1 total

What a haul! I had hoped to find more sewing supplies at Goodwill but they were rather low the other day. I was thrilled with the flannel sheet, though.

I just love Goodwill and all the great yard sales around here. They are held every single weekend here where we live now. You can get a lot of very gently used items for very little money, and that sure helps!


Matthew Cox said...

I was just reading your blog about your recent yard sale finds and I followed your reference on diaper sewing. My wife is in her 32nd week and she's been talking about using cloth diapers. I think we will try it. Also just wanted to recommend a great site for a free online garage sale.

Thanks and Keep up the bloggin'

Laura said...

I'm impressed. Especially with the whole bag of sewing stuff and the pretty dress. You always find the best stuff @ inexpensive prices.