Friday, October 17, 2008

Our cloth diaper stash

A dozen t-shirt/flannel prefolds (mama-made by me out of old t-shirts and flannel shirts, and the green plaid is a sheet I bought from Goodwill)

Receiving blankets used for flats and flannel flats cut from the back of men's shirts

Pocket diapers I just made with the Rita's Rump Pockets pattern out of sheets I bought from Goodwill

Cheap Gerber prefolds and t-shirt/flannel inserts/doublers

We have a few other assorted things, a few fitted diapers and AIOs (all-in-ones, they have a cover on them) we don't use a whole lot, and of course there was the dirty flat and doubler, and the flat and doubler on the bum while I was taking these photos.

I'm going to make a couple more pockets to make it an even half dozen and then make a couple of fleece covers.

Our cloth diaper stash is small on purpose since I'm trying to save us some money with this.

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