Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Old flannel shirts

I've been cutting up old flannel shirts for diapers and have found that there are a ton of things hiding in an old shirt.

Here's how I've been using them:

* The back: Flat diapers. Tthe backs are probably big enough for fitted diapers, too.

* Two front panels: Stripes for the backs of prefold diapers. A beautiful black and white plaid was used on the diaper in the photo.

* Sleeves: Soakers, an extra few layers on top of the diaper for absorption. I've been sewing old T-shirts inside.

* Scraps: Wipes, handkerchiefs, etc.

I'm getting better at fully utilizing all of the fabric in the shirts, which is good because flannel is so wonderfully soft and absorbent!

Share your ideas for old flannel shirts!

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Vix said...

I dont have any other ideas for flannel but I wanted to say that YOU are awesome!! :) I saw your post on Diaper Swappers and had to give you props here too!! Im linking to you. :)