Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Use your leftover coffee grounds!

This coffee tip came from a frugal blog a few years ago. It seems a bit weird, maybe even gross, at first but I guarantee if you try it you will be impressed.

Save your leftover coffee grounds and use them to make the next pot of coffee!

When you make a pot of coffee, save the grounds until the next time you make coffee. Put half the amount of fresh coffee grounds that you normally use in with the leftover grounds. For instance, if you use two scoops of fresh grounds, place one scoop of fresh grounds on top of the leftover grounds. Brew the coffee with the same amount of water you normally use.

You can't taste the difference, or at least I can't!

You can do this at least once and I've even used the leftover grounds twice.

(If I could just cut back on the amount of sugar and creamer I use I'd really be saving some money.)

What are some ways you like to use your leftover coffee grounds?

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Kit said...

You can use leftover coffee grounds as a facial exfolliant as well. Just rub it into the face to get dead skin out. Check out this video to see how to do it -