Saturday, May 9, 2009

Castile soap at Target!


I had read on the Internet that someone thought you could buy Kirk's castile soap at Target, so I went looking today. Couldn't find it. Asked someone. She told me it was over with the shampoo and body wash. Still couldn't find it. Asked someone else. She got on it for me, paging someone and then calling her. Then she took me back over there to the health and beauty area. STILL couldn't find it. So I said, "Do you have a natural/organic area?" So the young lady paged the person again, who told her where the natural/organic area was. It was the aisle before where we were looking, before you get to the facial cleansers area. When I saw it I squealed with delight and actually hugged the girl! It was right beside the big Burt's Bees area, and I started to ask where that was since I figured it would be close.

Anyway, they had a bunch of different kinds. The 16 oz. bottles are $8.39. (I paid nearly $10 for the same size bottle at Whole Foods.) They had the bigger bottles for $13 and some change but they didn't have it in the tea tree oil variety so I just got the 16 oz. bottle. They also had a couple of the little "trial size" bottles in lavendar and though I don't like lavendar I grabbed them anyway so I could place them throughout the house. (I use castile soap in all the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room.)

This was a delightful find! It's cheaper at Target than at Whole Foods, and Target for me is a lot closer. There are so many uses for this wonderful substance as far as health and beauty and cleaning goes, and a little bit goes a very long way.

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Sandra said...

I found this soap at Target as well. I also found it Martin's, which is a local grocery store and the Martin's price was surprisingly cheaper than Target by 2 dollars. Martin's only had the liquid soap as far as I could tell but the variety of fragrance choices was very good.