Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A real-life test of the homemade carpet sweeper pads

After several real-life tests the homemade carpet sweeper pads work okay but not all that great. If you had better tape they might work better but then you're looking at more expense. It takes two pads to clean one fairly large sized area since the tape stops sticking after not very long. While you're making the second pad you wonder why you didn't just pull the vacuum cleaner out and be done with it.

For really quick jobs the homemade pads work well but for heavier jobs its easier to just vacuum. It actually might be worth the expense to buy the pads that go in the sweeper, but I tried that a few days ago and it didn't work. I went way out to the "big box" store that I don't like anymore and after walking all over the store looking for them it appeared that not only were they out, they don't even carry them anymore. Big bummer.

Since my son loves to run the carpet sweeper on the floor I'll make him a sticky pad but I don't think I'll keep making them for normal use.

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