Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uses for vinegar

Vinegar is a money-saving, eco-friendly staple that I couldn't live without! Here is a list of 66 uses for vinegar from the Simply Thrifty blog:

1. Use to remove stains from carpets, clothing and other fabric.
2. Use to clean windows, nothing makes windows shine like vinegar and newspaper.
3. Use to clean dishes, vinegar removes grease.
4. Vinegar can soothe a jellyfish sting.
5. Use vinegar to keep your car’s chrome shiny.
6. Use as a hair rinse to remove shampoo residue.
7. Use in your laundry to reduce static cling and soften clothes.
8. Use to neutralize and deodorize the air in your home. Simmer vinegar on the stove to remove stale household odors.
9. Put a couple of teaspoons of vinegar in the water for cut flowers to keep them fresh longer.
10. Use to soothe a sunburn. Saturate a cloth with vinegar and place directly on the burn.
11. Mixed with water, vinegar can help to break a low grade fever.
12. Run through your coffee maker to clean and deodorize.
13. Use to clean soap scum and mildew in the shower.
14. Use to soothe a bee sting.
15. Swallow one teaspoon of vinegar to stop hiccups.
16. Clean your waste baskets and garbage cans with vinegar to deodorize.
17. Wash your windshield with vinegar to deter ice and frost.
18. Use vinegar to remove fruit or grass stains from hands.
19. To highlight hair, spray your hair with vinegar before sitting in the sun.
20. Add vinegar to your vaporizer for easier breathing.
21. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to water to use as a sore throat gargle.
22. Adding vinegar to laundry will cut static cling and eliminate lint.
23. Mix with dish detergent and water to control weeds.
24. Wipe out your clothes hampers with vinegar to keep them smelling fresh.
25. Spray vinegar around doors and windows to control ants and other insects.
26. Remove skunk odor from your pet’s fur by bating them in vinegar.
27. Use vinegar to clean rust from tools, screws, bolts and more.
28. Use to wash no wax floors.
29. Pour down the kitchen drain and garbage disposal to help keep it smelling fresh.
30. Soak your showerhead in vinegar to remove mineral deposits and deter corrosion.
31. Poor straight vinegar through the cracks in your sidewalk to keep the grass from growing through.
32. Soak paintbrushes in warm vinegar to soften.
33. Use vinegar to remove salt from shoes.
34. Mix with olive oil to clean wood furniture.
35. Sponge vinegar onto leather to clean and freshen.
36. Rub vinegar over scorch marks to remove.
37. Use vinegar to tenderize meat.
38. Use vinegar and cotton swabs to clean out your computer mouse.
39. Clean lunchboxes with vinegar to remove food smells.
40. Add vinegar to your bathwater to soften skin.
41. Rinse your hair with vinegar to help control dandruff.
42. Clean piano keys with vinegar.
43. Use to help remove chewing gum from hair.
44. Use to help dissolve a sticky mess from your kitchen cabinets.
45. Soak a piece of stale bread in vinegar and place over calluses and corns.
46. Septic tank uses should clean their toilets with vinegar to help keep down germs.
47. Spray wallpaper with vinegar and water to aid in the removal process.
48. Use to clean copper and polish silver.
49. Vinegar in the tub helps to soothe sore muscles.
50. Drinking a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar is said to keep the mosquitoes away.
51. Using vinegar when washing diapers is said to help prevent diaper rash.
52. Use vinegar and water to keep computer and peripherals dust-free.
53. Use to remove mildew.
54. Use vinegar to remove sticker and decal residue.
55. Use vinegar to clean and freshen your fridge.
56. Run vinegar through the dishwasher to clean, deodorize and remove mineral deposits.
57. Use when washing dishes to cut the grease.
58. A little vinegar in the stew pot will help prevent corned beef from shrinking.
59. Vinegar will remove odors from your hands.
60. Spray clothes with vinegar and water to remove wrinkles.
61. Use vinegar to remove crayon stains from clothing.
62. Vinegar removes bloodstains from fabric.
63. Sprinkle vinegar on places you don’t want your cats to go.
64. Wash pets in vinegar to prevent fleas and ticks.
65. Use to clean outdoor furniture and freshen after months of winter storage.
66. Use to clean bird droppings from furniture, decks and playground equipment.


Laura said...

Lots of good uses for it... if only I could stand the smell!

smbwallace said...

The smell evaporates very quickly and since it's 100 percent natural you aren't damaging your skin, lungs, or the environment when you use it. ;) The smell is MUCH more pleasant than harsh chemical cleaners.