Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to sew a diaper cover

Sometimes you like to cover your cloth diapers with something that will keep your baby's clothing from getting wet, if he is wearing any over his diaper.

A very easy way to make a diaper cover is to get an old fleece blanket and use the Rita's Rump Pocket diaper pattern like I did with the covers in the photo. I just sewed up the part that you would leave open if it were a diaper. I put elastic in that spot before I sewed it up.

These covers could have velcro on them but I left them without closures and I use pins to close them. That way I can get a custom fit every time.

Here is another pattern for a fleece cover:

How to sew a pull-on fleece cover

I have not used this pattern but it looks very easy. You could find more by searching "fleece diaper covers" or something like that.

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