Sunday, December 28, 2008

The electric bill

Our electric bill was higher this month than last month. What?

I was going through bills trying to wrap up the year while filling out some financial paperwork this afternoon when I made the discovery. I didn't check our usage but immediately I had a hunch what caused it. For a few months I was like a crazy woman, shutting everything off that was not being immediately used: lights, computer, everything. I admit I have become lax in the last few weeks for no particular reason, but the higher electric bill will cause me to amp up my efforts to keep the utilities down as much as possible.

The gas bill went up, but it always does in the winter since our heat is run by gas, and the electric bill is lower in the winter. This month's was only $12 higher than last month, but still, that's $12 I could spend on something else!


Laura said...

I didn't realize that just shutting things off while they aren't in use could save so much power, until we started doing it ourselves & it really does help.

Anonymous said...

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